Various teams help us coordinate and manage all of the functions within the church. We are always happy to have members of our congregation join us. Below is a list of the teams, a description and a contact person.

Spiritual Growth

The function of this team is to provide opportunities for members of the congregation to grow and express their spirituality through participation in worship and education.  These opportunities range from ensuring that the church is set up for worship and decorated for holidays to participating in the service as choir members, or liturgists, to teaching or supporting the Sunday School programs.  At the same time, we encourage the development and implementation of new ways for the congregation to grow in their faith.


Working together to make sure those who need help receive it”

          Matthew 25:34-40

The function of this team is to ensure that those who need help receive it, showing them God’s love and provision in tangible ways through the hands and feet of the church.  This may include providing meals to congregants in need of aid and relief or organizing service activities in the community to address an expressed need.


The Stewardship Team works behind the scenes to manage the church's assets and resources of the church, including the ongoing maintenance of existing church property, the formation and management of an annual budget, and issues of payroll and personnel evaluation.  Anyone from the congregation may participate in the work of the team, whether that is helping with routine property upkeep or doing an annual audit, for the work of this team is on behalf of the congregation.  The team is comprised of two members of Consistory working with approximately 2-4 partners in ministry from the congregation.


The function of this team is to provide opportunities for members of the congregation to grow closer together as brothers and sisters in Christ. This includes planning and coordinating shared meals and community events.


The team’s mission is to promote effective communication within Clover Hill Reformed Church and with our community. Using a variety of communication tools, we will engage the congregation and community to inspire and invite participation in worship,Teams (Fellowship, Service, Spiritual Growth, Stewardship) and other ministries of the church.

Interested in learning more? Contact the church office by calling 908-369-8451 or send an email to