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Kris Kanach Memorial Library

Kris Kanach Library News!

Big thanks to everyone for your kind patience while we were managing inventory, sorting and cataloging new books when the library was closed!  The library reopened on Sunday, April 10, can we get an “Amen!”

In addition to the books that were added in 2013, more than 90 new fabulous Bible, gospel & faith driven books were put on the adult shelves, with titles like, Christianity Beyond Belief, Following Jesus for the Sake of Others by Todd Hunter; and, Telling the Truth, The Gospel as Tragedy, Comedy & Fairy Tale by Frederick Buechner; and What We Talk About When We Talk About God by Rob Bell.  There’s so much more, that you’ll need to come to the library & check out the catalog in the binder, or simply glance at the shelves to see what sparks your soul!

Perhaps you thought you needed a better way to understanding the complexity of the Bible. Great news! Part of what was added is an 18-book collection, The New Testament for Everyone Collection by N. T. Wright – focusing on Acts, Hebrews, John, Luke, Mark, Matthew, Paul and Revelation.  Forthcoming in June, The Old Testament for Everyone Collection by N. T. Wright will be added. These special collections will be able to assist you better in understanding the books of the Bible with a simpler & easier approach. A special thanks to Andrew Wall for his enthusiasm for our library and for enhancing our spiritual understanding of Christianity through the new books & DVD’s he’s ordered for us!

We’ve also added some new DVD titles: NOOMA (a series of short films that explores our world through the teachings of Jesus); For the Life of the World-Letters to the Exiles; The Sourlands (by Jared Flesher); The Letters (Mother Teresa); How To Train Your Dragon #2; Maleficent; The Peanuts Movie; and, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Though we love to give our little ones the responsibility of checking out books/DVD’s, many times titles are taken without being returned for quite a long time or DVD’s come back without the discs, or not signed back into the catalog.

Please help your child or remind yourself to “sign out” each book/DVD in the catalog binder, and “sign them back in” the catalog binder when you return them, so others can enjoy them too.

DVD’s are due back in one week only - Books are due in 3 weeks


Folks are very generous, but at this time the library is not accepting any book or DVD donations. Come enjoy all that the library was intended for, a gathering place to enjoy some time with a friend & a coffee, or some quiet time to yourself, or just come browse & take home a title with you! Come share in the Clover Hill library experience! See a title you’d like to have in the library, please contact either Librarian, Michelle Clover or Stephanie Kanach.  See you there!

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