July 2, 2013



This Week's Prayer Concerns

"Devote yourselves to Prayer, keeping alert in it with thanksgiving."

Colossians 4:2                                        

In our prayers this week, we have been asked to especially remember the following:

In the Hospitals and Care Centers:
Annie Berry (sister of Deb and Jack Cherry’s friend, Diane Weyer)
Natalia Busko (Anna Brune’s mother)
June Carbone (Jack Cherry’s aunt)
Jean Gailey (Jack and Deb Cherry’s cousin)
Michelle Gibson (Trish Stabler’s friend)
Dorcas Hill
Bernadette Jenkinson (Danielle Zeller’s grandmother)
Thomas Kurth (son of Nancy Lane’s friend)
David Marks (friend of Neil and Michelle Clover)
Joey Mathewson (student at Sunnymead School)
Tate Maurer (friend of Andrea Fasanello)
Peter Meca (Pamela Sestito’s grandfather)
Tom Medovich
Frieda Miller
Judy Norkevich (Russ’ mother)
May Norkevich (Russ’ grandmother)
Velma Samson
Eva Szabo (Dorothy Stearns’ mother)
Raynetta Stocks (friend of Sara Kyte)
Mary Walsh (Brett’s mother)
Scott Walulik (area resident)
Elizabeth Williams (Juanita Meadows’ mother)
PFC Willard Williamson, United States Army, (Gene and Diana Reinhardt’s great-nephew)
Virginia Zimmer (Dave Fergesen’s sister)

At Home:
Alessia Adams (daughter-in-law of Yvette and Bill du Fosse’s neighbor)
Jack Alonzo (friend of Jen and Kevin Grubb)
Larry Altonjy (Emily Cherry’s friend)
Sammy Bartolomeo (son of Anna and Mike Brune’s friend)
Sharon Beatty (Trista Bond’s mother)
JoAnn Boothby (friend of Steve and Carol Wozniak)
Elsie Bosico (Lori Hedden’s grandmother)
Cathy and Larry Bourne (Deb and Jack Cherry’s sister and brother-in-law)
Sylvia Bourgeois (sister of Dave and Mary Fergesen’s friend)
Robert Bowers
Lydia Buschenfeldt (Lesley and Marc Amnott’s friend)
Allen Buurma
Grace Castellano
Sharon Clover (Neil’s stepmother)
Jerome Coney (former coworker of Greg Hedden’s)
Bridget Connors (Dorene String’s cousin)
Mary Cooper (Kevin’s aunt)
Patricia Cramer (sister of Jean Knower’s friend)
Dan Currie (Marilyn Fineman’s friend)
Amy Curto (Joanna Lepore’s friend)
Fred DeLeon (friend of Jen and Kevin Grubb)
Bill DiMartino (brother of Michelle Clover’s friend)
Robert DiMilia (Tara Dai’s father)
Drew and Samantha Dittmar (Josh Hedden’s boss and wife)
Jessie Ditzel
Marion Donoghue (Heather Lovell’s friend)
John Dowling (friend of Jon and Marilyn Fineman)
Jackie Dunbar (Velma Samson’s sister-in-law)
Barbara Eberhardt (Taryn Furmato’s mother)
Courtney Eberhardt (Taryn and Matt Furmato’s niece)
John Egan (Mary Anne’s brother)
Joyce Ernst (Dick Voorhees’ sister)
Maria Farfan (student at Sunnymead school)
Andrea Fasanello
Gabe, Emily and Lucy Firman (Jon Fineman’s niece’s family)
Erica Fischer
Jill Frackenpohl (Neil Clover’s cousin)
Judith Fredericks (runs the Hunterdon Youth Services one of our mission partners)
Jean Freund
Lucy Furmato (Matt’s mother)
Nathan Fusi
Katie Giffuni (daughter of Dorothy Stearn’s friend)
Carla Giordano (Jack and Deb Cherry’s friend)
Judy Giovanni (Marilyn Fineman’s friend)
Margaret Gorman (Jan Boganski and Peggy Hedden’s aunt)
Marie Grande (mother of Russ Norkevich’s co-worker)
Jeff and Amber Grossmudller and family (friends of the Boganski’s and Hedden’s)
Bridget Gum
Bob Guth (Deb Cherry’s brother)
Carole Haman (Gene Reinhardt’s sister)
Tom Hanville (Dave and Mary Fergesen’s friend)
Kerianne Harding
Mary Harrell (Connie Fenwick’s mother)
Nick Hedden (Greg and Peg’s nephew)
Ryan Hoffman (son of Jason Reinhardt’s friends)
Audrey Holcombe (Janet Durborow’s mother)
Cheri Howard (College friend of Emily Cherry)
John and Barbara Hrenyo (Ann Cucchiara’s friend’s parents)
Ralph Jaakobs (Jim’s father)
Ron Jakubowski (Matt Furmato’s uncle)
Paul Jones (Linda Munro’s nephew)
Ruth Keesey (Lynn- Totten’s grandmother)
Pat Kennedy (friend of Kirsten Veneziale)
Tim Kirby (Brynn’s brother)
Laura Klima
David Kulp (Ann Cucchiara’s brother)
Sylvia Lawton (Laura Klima’s friend)
Sybil Le Blanc (Carol and Steve Wozniak’s friend)
The Rev. Ken Lobb (Pastor, Annandale Reformed Church)
Donny Lombardo (Russ Norkevich’s co-worker’s cousin)
Pam Lopata (Jenn Grubb’s sister)
Steve Lyons, Jr. (Steve’s father)
Brian McLaughlin (son of Greg Hedden’s co-worker)
Patty McLaughlin (parent of a student of Emily Cherry’s)
Emily Morrison (daughter of Marilyn Fineman’s friend)
Amelia Mutchler
Austin Nace (son of The Rev. and Mrs. Ryan Nace, Pastor at Three Bridges Reformed Church)
Joan Nishina (friend of the Furmato Family)
Jennifer Norkevich
Faith Ostroff (Loree Truscott’s friend)
Maria Paladino (friend of Jen and Kevin Grubb)
Florence Palka (Joe’s mother)
Joe Pateman III and family (son of Debi Molinaro)
Avery Pento (granddaughter of Diana Reinhardt’s friend)
Sue Peters (friend of the Gum family)
Rachel Petr (daughter of Ken and Nancy Skillman’s friends)
Mike Phlipot (Marilyn Fineman’s friend)
Olga Pivoras (Luba Polhemus’ cousin)
Hannah Plante (granddaughter of a friend of Kathe Palka)
Gary Platt (Ken and Nancy Skillman’s friend)
Carolyn Polhemus
Ian Progin (Guidance Counselor/Basketball Coach Hillsborough High School)
Brittany Puzio (Greg and Peggy Hedden’s niece)
Carl and Cathy Reinhardt (Gene’s brother and sister-in-law)
Paul Repetto (Marilyn Fineman’s friend)
David and Olga Salerno (Linda Zamek’s father and mother)
Carol Schaefer (Taryn Furmato’s aunt)
Jennifer Sheehan (Deb and Jack Cherry’s niece)
Tracy Sielski (Tom’s sister-in-law)
Carmela Silvestri-Greth (Marilyn Fineman’s friend)
Helen Smith (Grace Castellano’s friend)
Wanda Smith (3^rd grade teacher at Copper Hill School)
Lloyd Staats (friend of the Ughetta Family)
Linda Steiner (Lori Voorhees’ friend)
Betty Stockman
LJ Tanner (grandson of Marilyn Fineman’s cousin)
Kim Taylor (Anna and Mike Brune’s friend)
Meredith Thomas (friend of Jenn Grubb’s sister)
Jenna Thompson (daughter of Deb Cherry’s friend)
Dakota Thornton (4^th grader at Robert Hunter and student of Rebecca Kwiatek’s)
Janet Traphagen Linda Munro’s sister)
Ethel Ughetta
Robert Underhill (Janet Durborow’s cousin)
Diane Valent (Linda Munro’s sister)
Joe Valent (Linda Munro’s brother-in-law)
Mish Vanderveer (Hayley Zamek’s uncle)
Catherine Veres (Stephanie Kanach’s mother)
Jennifer Voelker (Pat Wozniak’s niece)
Ralph Walter (Lorne Howard’s father)
Kevin Wanger (Carolyn Polhemus’ grandson)
Steve and Carolyn Weber (Ann Cucchiara’s friends)
Kim Weger (Jan Boganski’s friend)
Richard Weger (father-in-law of Jan Boganski’s friend)
Diane Welsch (Emily Cherry’s co-worker)
Alice Weyer (mother of Deb and Jack Cherry’s friend)
Tom Whitlock (friend of Taryn and Matt Furmato)
Lorraine Williams (Juanita Meadows’ sister)
Raymond Wisniewski (Frank Veneziale’s uncle)
Patrick Wood (Husband of Jennifer Brizel Wood)
Carol Wozniak
Sarang Yeola (piano student of Donna Petrella’s)
Tony Zellers
Erik Zimmerman Jr.

Serving in the Military:
Major John Richards, United States Army (Lori Voorhees’ cousin)

Col. John Voorhees, United States Army (Dick’s nephew)

Lt. Com. Michael Wanger, USN (Carolyn Polhemus’ grandson)

Tech Sergeant E6 Brian Warren, USAF (Dorene String’s cousin)

Specialist Chad Wilson, United States Army (Josh Hedden’s friend)

Please continue to hold the leaders of all nations, and the young men and women under their command, in your prayers during this time of warfare.

Notes of Joy:
We give thanks for freedoms that we enjoy and especially for the times when we are aware and appreciative of them.

Other Prayers:
We continue to hold all those who have suffered losses from Hurricane Sandy in our prayers.

Please pray for our nation as we struggle to maintain and reestablish the value of common civility and respect in our public and private conversations, rejecting the extreme vocabulary of hatred which leads to extreme emotions and actions.

Please continue to pray for those who suffer from ongoing addictions and for those who love them.

Please pray for those who struggle with sadness where there has been great joy.

Please hold those families where love and trust have been neglected or abused, that they might find ways to strengthen each other.

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