Lent Devotions


Lenten Devotional Discussion Group

To help augment our journey through Lent, the church will be providing a daily devotional to assist in digging deep into the themes of self-challenge and reflection of the Lenten season.

The devotional that has been selected is both challenging and confronting and
it is our hope that as many of us as possible can take this journey together.
In light of this, we want to provide the opportunity
Tuesday evenings at 7:00 pm.

(March 7 through April 18)

for us all to gather in the Nevius Fellowship Hall for coffee and desserts to discuss and field questions about what we encounter during our reflections in the week prior.  It is our assumption that we will most likely reaffirm here the most basic elements of our faith as well as delve a little deeper into its mysteries.

At the bottom of this page, you can download the current devotional.  If you prefer a physical copy,
you can pick one up each week on Sunday.

If you find you have questions that you want to be able to express, yet you cannot make it to the Tuesday night meetings, please feel free to drop by the church during office hours
(9am-3pm on Tuesday-Friday), or
send Pastor Andrew an email at
with your question.

pdf 2017_Devotions_for_Lent_Mon_HW_Easter_Sunday